Hylozoic Series: Mobile Forest

Digital Arts Centre

Taipei, TW  2012

The exhibition ‘Mobile Forest’ ran from June 30 – August 5, 2012 at Taipei’s Digital Arts Centre. For this group show by invited international artists, Beesley created an immersive film experience in which viewers stood amidst projections and an evocative, minimalist soundtrack, as they contemplated images from the Hylozoic Series of works.

“In ‘Mobile Forest’, artists utilize interactive mechanical installations and digital image works to highlight life-forms that transcend the boundary between machines and plants, and the combined evolution of the species. The artists utilize machines, sensor components, interactive computer programs and animation to create mechanical plant life and a vibrant forest in a virtual reality environment… man-made things and the thing we are becoming ourselves are co-evolving, which is to say that people, plant and animal life, and information continue to evolve together in the tides of time.”

– Curatorial Statement for ‘Mobile Forest’, Hui-Ching Hsieh