Philip Beesley Studio


Philip Beesley Studio is an interdisciplinary design company located in Toronto, Canada. PB specializes in architectural design of public buildings, public art and experimental installations. The group is closely associated with the multi-partner Living Architecture Systems Group, the School of Architecture and Faculty of Engineering at the University of Waterloo, and Riverside Architectural Press. Sculptural work in the past two decades has focused on immersive textile environments, landscape installations and intricate geometric structures. The most recent generations of these works feature interactive sound, light and kinetic mechanisms with distributed control systems. Studio research focuses on aesthetics, technology and craft of responsive envelope systems including digital fabrication of extremely light-weight, flexible component arrays containing embedded sensors and actuators.

Projects are developed at widely varying scales from urban design to personal couture, using cycles of multidisciplinary experimentation and implementation. The studio’s design methods combine the durable crafts of heavy machining and building with advanced digital visualization, industrial design, digital prototyping, electronics and mechanical engineering.