Hylozoic Soil

Musée Des Beaux-Arts

Montréal, Québec, CAN - 2007

Hylozoic Soil is an interactive geotextile mesh that senses human occupants and responds with air movement, produced by peristaltic waves of motion within distributed fields of lightweight pores. Custom-manufactured components use parametric design and digital fabrication. Machine intelligence is embedded within networks of micro-controllers that coordinate arrays of proximity sensors and kinetic ‘actuators’. Arrays of capacitance-sensing whiskers and shape-memory alloy actuators are used to create a diffuse peristaltic pumping that pulls air and organic matter through the occupied space.

Fondation-Langlois.org – e-art: Philip Beesley

Mobile Nation [Exerpt] – Arduino at Work: The Hylozoic Soil Control System

Christine Macey – Disintegrating Matter, Animating Fields