Hylozoic Soil: Espacio

Fundación Telefónica

Madrid, ES - 2012

The Espacio sculpture was installed within the new Espacio space of Fundación Telefónica in Madrid. The three-storey museum is housed within an historic skyscraper located along the Gran Via, within the heart of the city. Hylozoic Soil: Espacio integrates component systems that were originally presented at Madrid’s Matadero complex for the VIDA 11.0 Arts and Artificial Life Awards in 2009.

New groves of protocell-filled glass vessels and horizontal filtering layers are arranged as a spiraling river of hovering forms, running around a grove of suspended meshwork ‘breathing’ columns. The installation was experienced by viewers from several vantage points – from within the sculpture, as they stood on the main floor of the gallery space, and also from above, as the work spiraled and ascended into the second level of the space where it could be viewed alongside an accompanying exhibit that included a major collection of historic Cubist paintings by Juan Gris.