Hylozoic Series: Vesica

The City Gallery

Wellington, NZ - 2012

Vesica refers to the medieval art tradition of circumscribing holy figures within a luminous aura or halo. Channelling this evocation of an enriched, fertile immersion, this iteration of the Hylozoic Series invited viewers into a nurturing space of expanding and dissolving boundaries. In sacred geometry, the term ‘vesica’ also refers to the intersecting zone within two overlapping circles; a transitional space symbolically located between Heaven and Earth. Within this indefinite state, individual bodies may become entwined within a complex system.

The City Gallery‘s presentation of Vesica aligned strongly with the City of Wellington’s 2040 initiative, which addresses fundamental questions of future living and city making in the 21st century. During Vesica’s presentation period, Philip Beesley visited New Zealand to deliver the keynote address at the 7th annual ‘DeSForM (Design Semantics Form and Movement) Conference: Meaning Matter Making’, hosted by the VUW School of Design. DeSForM 2012 celebrated and explored recent developments within New Zealand’s emerging digital creative sector.

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