Epiphyte Veil

Tour: VIA Festival, EXIT Festival, L'été à Saint-Sauveur Festival

Maubeuge / Créteil / Lille, FR - 2013

Epiphyte Veil is a densely interwoven immersive geotextile canopy. The work is conceived as an ‘epiphyte’, an aerial plant species that can grow without the support of soil. A central cluster of massed components contains an interconnected reticulum of glass vessels, surrounded by outer layers of hovering filters.

Expanded diagrid-mesh structural spars of stainless steel form structural cores, surrounded by a triangular array of thermoformed expanded acrylic meshwork spar elements. Delicate structural veils composed of stainless steel, acrylic and silicone skeletons are mounted over the upper and lower supports of this core, while an outer veil stretches outward and forms a landscape-like membrane outer ground layer. A growth medium is housed within glass vessels which contain fluid ingredients of prototype cells that capture carbon and process materials from the environment.

Hovering overhead, the work invites tactile viewer exchanges and speaks of a future kind of architecture based on resonance and gentle interaction. Subtle air movements created by occupants create gently stirring fields.

Touring Schedule:
VIA Festival, Manège, Maubeuge, March 14 – 24, 2013
EXIT Festival, MAC, Créteil, April 4 – 14, 2013
L’été à Saint-Sauveur Festival, Gare Saint-Sauveur, Lille,
May 2 – August 11, 2013