Epiphyte Spring

China Academy of Art

Hangzhou, CN - 2015

Epiphyte Spring integrates interactive soundscapes and lighting that immerse the audience in an intimate experience, drawing the artwork, space and individual together. Soft rolling waves of light controlled by arrays of microprocessors and proximity sensors are integrated within glasswork layers. Visually stunning qualities are overlaid through dense masses of glasswork vessels and lightweight component arrays. During the day, visitors interact with the sculpture, triggering waves of light and distributed sound. At night, the work becomes a dynamic beacon, illuminating the interior and walkway for the public.

Epiphyte Spring is installed in the Design Institute of Landscape and Architecture, China Academy of Art. The work is composed of transparent acrylic, flexible silicone and custom-fabricated aluminum hardware. The extremely lightweight, durable sculpture functions as a permanent, interactive installation within the architectural space.