Epiphyte Chamber

Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art

Seoul, KR - 2013

Epiphyte Chamber is envisioned as an archipelago of interconnected halo-like masses that mimic human sensations through subtle, coordinated movements. Across each floating island, densely interwoven structures and delicate canopies made of thousands of lightweight digitally-fabricated components are drawn together in nearly-synchronized breathing and whispers. Audiences walk into highly sensual, intimate sculptural spaces that support small clusters of activity interlinking into larger gathering areas. This experimental new work explores intersections between media art, interactive distributed mechatronics and synthetic biology.

Epiphyte Chamber is part of the inaugural Aleph Exhibition at the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Seoul, Korea. The Aleph Exhibition opens the gate for creativity and magnifies the minute. The contents of the exhibit illustrate the various complexifying effects that exist anywhere from microorganism to galaxies as can be found through observing stars in the sky or observing symbiotic relationships among objects. The exhibition illustrates how a minute change can lead to drastic variations in the future.

National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art