Prototyping Architecture

The Conference Papers

Edited by Michael Stacey

"Prototyping for Extimacy: Emerging Design Methods" by Philip Beesley

“The work that I am pursuing with my collaborators is founded in intimacy and touch. This work tends to be invested in layers that use digital fabrication to make quite delicate and resonant responses. They tend to be controlled by actuators and sensors, producing turbulent responses that ripple out into expanded physiologies, sharing space with the viewers. The work starts in rather quiet ways, setting out ghost-like crystalline forms following diagrids and textile forms in order to make very lightweight, resonant scaffolds. Networks of simple computational devices and sensors allow viewers to be tracked, offering small increments of gentle muscular movements that register our own presence, rippling back to us, starting to offer a sense of breathing, ambient architecture. The structures of this space are saturated with turbulence that offers clutching, and pulling, imparting a fertile churn.”

Edited by Michael Stacey
Riverside Architectural Press, 2013
ASIN: B00JFFA1IW, 250 pp