Manufacturing the Bespoke

Edited by Bob Sheil

"Soil and Protoplasm: Designing the Hylozoic Ground Component System" by Philip Beesley

“The Hylozoic Ground project is a collaboration between architects and engineers in Canada, Britain and Denmark, which is developing new layers of synthetic soil as a primary architectural building system. Organised as a textile matrix, Hylozoic Ground is a manufactured environment supporting responsive actions and ‘living’ technologies. It is conceived as the first stages of self-renewing functions that might take root within a future architecture. It can be described as a suspended geotextile, gradually thickening and offering a fertile matrix as it draws materials from its surroundings. It consists of an array of articulated meshwork filters and protocell circulation systems programmed to pursue methods for building synthetic earth…”

Soil and Protoplasm: Designing the Hylozoic Ground Component System
Essay by Philip Beesley
Edited by Bob Sheil
John Wiley & Sons Ltd., 2012
ISBN 978-0-470-66582-4