Dissipative Models

Notes toward Design Method

By Philip Beesley

“I want to describe a particular kind of form language rooted intimately within our bodies. I will try to articulate traces of subtle phenomena seeking emplacement, measured by intense mutual relationships of exchange with surrounding environments. The qualities that I will describe are characterized by punctuated oscillation. They use the paradigm of dissipative structures and diffusion as a fundamental guide for their design and their forms. This form language will be used to describe architectural projects that I will claim have living qualities. This personal involvement results in shifting boundaries that fluctuate between hard facts and hopeful fictions for exploring the future.”

Beesley, Philip. “Dissipative Models: Notes toward Design Method.” Paradigms in Computing: Making, Machines and Models for Design Agency in Architecture. Ed. David Gerber et al. New York: eVolo, 2014. Print.