2012 META.MORF A Matter of Feeling

Edited by Espen Gangvik

"Feeling Matter: Empathy & Affinity in the Hylozoic Series" by Philip Beesley

“Our work on the Hylozoic Series of interactive sculptures attempts to offer an anatomy of subtle boundaries that expands the physiology of individual human bodies. Might it be possible to suspend judgement about what is ‘me’ and what is clearly not? Rather than weakness, the ambivalence implied by such a suspension might be an enabling quality. The Hylozoic Series attempts to expand the space that lies between clearly defined personal territories, transforming it into a felt space of empathy and exchange. This work renders a transitional field, a fecund space of interaction …”

Essay by Philip Beesley
Edited by Espen Gangvik
First Edition 2012 ISBN 978-82-998211-3-1
TEKS Publishing