York University Student Centre

A.J. Diamond, Donald Schmitt

Toronto, Ontario, CAN  1989

Philip Beesley was project architect for the award winning York University Student Centre while in his previous role as senior associate of A.J. Diamond, Donald Schmitt and company.

The Student Centre complex at York University has transformed student life on campus, acting as a key element in the university’s new master plan. The building includes a nightclub and restaurant licensed for 750, commercial food court with 8 concessions, lounges, council chamber, art gallery, games rooms, campus radio facilities, 50 clubs, and offices for numerous student associations. It is the most intensively used building on the campus of university.

“Representing the prime user of the building I had a close day-to-day working relationship with the Project Architect, Philip Beesley… the firm was responsive to the needs of all the users of the facility, easily and creatively accommodating requests, proposals, and suggestions as they arose.”

Robert Castle, General Manager
York University Student Centre