Between the Lines

Iris Van Herpen collaboration

Paris, FR  2017

Philip Beesley and Iris van Herpen collaborated on van Herpen’s new Couture collection presented in Paris on January 23rd 2017, exploring the imperfection of systems and structure in both the physical and digital worlds. Between the Lines includes three kinds of fabric—finely cut laser-processed diagrid mylar meshes, molded silicone forms floating on tulle, and polyurethane bubble-forms integrated within clear float-formed panels. Innovative thermally formed bubble arrays were used as forms for polyurethane and organza composite structures. The air-supported formwork helped create dense arrays of lenses with subtle optics. Diagrid mylar meshes featured extremely fine laser processing of curved overlapping slitting patterns, yielding constantly-vibrating shimmering kinetics within yardage used for long dress forms.